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Music that is Owning Me: “Belong” by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

The creation of this blog was meant to provide a forum for my many interests. My original blog–Film and Health–is still active, but I felt my criteria were too narrow to sustain and I didn’t want that frustration to affect my ability to write for pleasure.

In that vein, music and film (and art in general) have always had a huge place in my life, providing both an immense amount of entertainment and something more to say about the human condition.  This series–Music that is Owning Me–is in reference to music past or present that has had a pivotal place in my life.

I first heard of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart through a friend (thanks, Naeem!).  The name seemed hackneyed and I was skeptical of the band after looking at the somewhat bland cover art to their debut.  The ticket price was also quite substantial for a band I hadn’t heard a track of yet.

Despite all of this, I gave a listen to Belong, their second album.  After a listen to their first single off the album, “Heart in Your Heartbreak”, I was drawn in by the catchiness of the music and the painful honesty of the lyrics.  With a hard-driving rhythm, the band drives an frank, openly romantic message home.  Other songs on the album merely cemented my strong feelings for the album.  “Anne with an E”, in particular, is an absolutely heartwrenchingly beautiful song reminding me of shoegaze masters Slowdive at their best.

Very few times do I listen to an album and it elicits such an emotional reaction.  Belong is an album made for lovers.  It reminds me of the film Lost in Translation.  Many people hated that film, but I never understood the sentiment.  Both pieces of art are love and romance personified. Breathless, dreamlike and gorgeous, Belong paints a world that you want to bathe in and it spoke to me at a time I needed it.

I forgot to mention I met the lead singer and the rest of the band.  They rock.

Give the whole album a listen for free at their site.

Twin Shadow opened for Pains when I saw them…Give their debut album Forget a listen.  Seriously.  It’s also super great.


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