My Foray Into DJing

All art, in a way, builds off previous art.  DJing literally reinterprets and reappropriates previously recorded material.  As the superb film 24 Hour Party People attests, this is one of the few times in music the *medium* was first praised (skip to 1:11).

This past Sunday, I DJ’ed in the city of Atlanta for the first time outside of friends’ houses or my own bedroom.  I became interested in doing so based on both the support of my friends as well as the pursuit of my passions.  Being a DJ combines many things that intrigue me — how to best connect people, utilizing emotional intelligence, and the art of improvisation.

It also is just plain fun, both through promotion and the actual DJing.

Due to some awesome friends and a pretty great turnout, I will be performing last Sundays of every month, starting 3/25/12 as The Disc Jockey.  The only equestrian DJ with improv experience in the major Atlanta metropolitan area.

The Disc Jockey - The only human/horse hybrid DJ in Atlanta

The Disc Jockey - The only human/horse hybrid DJ in Atlanta

DJing at Noni’s was truly a one of a kind experience, allowing me to live on a tightrope, judging the feeling of the crowd in determining my next actions.  With the exception of some minor preliminary planning, the entire set was improvisational in nature, playing upon my previous experience taking improv classes at Dad’s Garage.  It even played upon my previous experience in Japan, having to communicate largely through nonverbals (horses can’t really talk…much).

In the future, I will be publishing my playlists on spotify both under my username thisisthemodernworld and the site ShareMyPlaylists.

For this past Sunday’s playlist (Spotify needed): 

The Disc Jockey rides again on 3/25/12.  8pm-12am @Noni’s!/events/316777651714369/


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